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Java Security Problems

If you upgrade your version of Java to Java 7 Update 51 or later it's more than likely you will start seeing security messages such as Application Blocked by Security Settings when running older Java applets.

To fix these and get the Java applets running you need to run the Configure Java program:

  • On Windows 7 or Vista click the Start button and enter java in the search box. Click Configure Java when it appears.
  • On Windows XP click the Start button, then All Programs and look for the Java entry. You will find the Configure Java program inside that.
  • On Windows 8/8.1 go to the Start screen, type java and click Configure Java when it appears.
  • On Mac OS X go to the System Preferences and click the Java icon.

When the program runs, choose the Security tab and then click the Edit Site List button. You will need to add:


to this list by clicking the Add button, entering the name exactly as shown in bold above (don't miss out the http:// part otherwise it won't be accepted). When OK button is clicked you will asked to confirm your addition by clicking the Continue button. When you try to run a Java applet it will now replace the security message with one that asks if it is ok to actually run the applet.

For more information on this please see the relevant the page on the Java web site.