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Download Songs

All songs are batches of zipped up mp3s (recorded at 96Kbps) as follows:

The Toads

The Toads songs are (sometimes) available from their own web site.

The Turkey Molesters

Strange and Silly Stuff

  • Part 1 (9.7MB) - contents: Brian & Gail, I Hate the Entire Population of the World (except Cromer), Reality's a Circus, Quasimodo
  • Part 2 (9.7MB) - contents: Fish, Psycho Santa, Attack of the 50 Foot Flying Blue Slugmen


  • Part 1 (8.5MB) - contents: Image, Daughter Of Light, I Will Return
  • Part 2 (8.3MB) - contents: Light At The End, Long Lost, Fascinating Face, Covered In Lies, William (Clear Up Yer Room)