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Three of my short stories, Eight Excerpts from a Secret Inter-Dimensional War, Home For Christmas and No Accident, are (or were) available in print. Another one, The Sweeper, has been published on the Colors of My Soul web site here [unfortunately, their site is currently down] after winning their Facebook competition to write a story in exactly 101 words.

The Winter 2007 edition (issue 2) of the Hub Magazine included Eight Excerpts from a Secret Inter-Dimensional War - a punctuated view of mankind's battle with a relentless inhuman enemy. The Hub Magazine lasted for 2 issues as a printed magazine but then became an electronic publication from issue 3 onwards. Regretfully, the latest version of the Hub's site no longer lists the printed versions as still available.

The second issue of First Edition included No Accident - the story of a circus owner whose death, initially thought to be a tragic car accident at a known accident blackspot, raises a few suspicous questions when a witness is discovered.

Home for Christmas tells the story of one man's struggle to return to the city of his birth after the onset of a new ice age. It is included in Angles, an anthology of Speculative Fiction featuring authors/stories based in East Anglia. The book is edited by Ian J C Millsted and copies may still be available from Jarrolds in Norwich and also directly from the publisher:

iande Press, 7 Rudhall Grove,
Manor Farm, Bristol BS10 5AJ, UK

Amazon are also still listing it.

(Price: £5.99, 190 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9554182-0-4)

See page 2 for some of my other stories.