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Science Fiction

I am currently using Wattpad to publish my science fiction story Splinters in bite-sized chunks.

Three of my short stories, Eight Excerpts from a Secret Inter-Dimensional War, Home For Christmas and No Accident, are (or were) available in print. Another one, The Sweeper, was published on the Colors of My Soul web site in 2012 after winning their Facebook competition to write a story in exactly 101 words.

The Winter 2007 edition (issue 2) of the Hub Magazine included Eight Excerpts from a Secret Inter-Dimensional War - a punctuated view of mankind's battle with a relentless inhuman enemy. The Hub Magazine lasted for 2 issues as a printed magazine but then became an electronic publication from issue 3 onwards. Regretfully, the latest version of the Hub's site no longer lists the printed versions as still available.

The second issue of First Edition included No Accident - the story of a circus owner whose death, initially thought to be a tragic car accident at a known accident blackspot, raises a few suspicous questions when a witness is discovered.

Home for Christmas tells the story of one man's struggle to return to the city of his birth after the onset of a new ice age. It is included in Angles, an anthology of Speculative Fiction featuring authors/stories based in East Anglia. The book is edited by Ian J C Millsted and are available directly from the publisher:

iande Press, 7 Rudhall Grove,
Manor Farm, Bristol BS10 5AJ, UK

Amazon are also still listing it.

(Price: £5.99, 190 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9554182-0-4)