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21 Jun, 2023Beyond Between published 
Beyond Between published

My second book of short stories (plus one novella) called Beyond Between was published on 21st June 2023 and can now be ordered from the publisher. It is available in paperback and eBook (Kobo and Amazon) formats.

20 Journeys Through The Multiverse

What might happen if the barriers between the worlds within the multiverse break down? What might come through from those worlds into our own, or leak out of our world to others? What possibilities might we encounter if we discover the technology or the power within ourselves to break down those barriers?

What strange beings might we encounter when we explore those worlds? Could we adapt to these worlds, evolving into new forms no longer compatible with our home world? Might we even forget our own Earthly origins? After hundreds or even thousands of years, could Earth become nothing more than a forgotten memory?

Read some possibilities within these pages!

3 Dec, 2022Are The Stars Hot or Cold? 
Are The Stars Hot or Cold?

Set on the remote Norfolk coastal village of Sea Palling during the 1970s, this emotional roller coaster by Norfolk resident, Linda Anne Atterton, pulls no punches. It is a novel of love and loss which carries us through sunshine and shadow to a tempestuous end that, somehow, must become a new beginning. Be prepared to shed tears!

You can pick up your copy here.

31 Oct, 2022Time's Revenge - eBook 

You can now pick up the Kindle eBook of Time's Revenge at:

21 Oct, 2022Time's Revenge 
Time's Revenge

Time's Revenge, the sequel to Time Portals of Norwich has now been published.

Comments from initial reviewers include: 'Gripping action, exasperating dilemmas and mind-bending time travel' and that it has 'twists and turns that keep the reader guessing to the end and beyond', as well as summarising it as: 'Thoroughly enjoyable!' and 'Unputdownable'.

You can pick up your copy here.

1 Aug, 2022Clarity Anthology 
Clarity Anthology

My extremely short story, The Best Solution, has been accepted for the new Clarity anthology (the word count maximum was 300). More details here.

15 Apr, 20222022 SciFi Anthology: The Science Fiction Novelists 
2022 SciFi Anthology: The Science Fiction Novelists

The 2022 edition was published April 2022. It contains another of my stories, "Space Paint." Here's the Kindle Amazon link.

28 Nov, 2021Short story collection 
Short story collection

My collection of 18 short stories on the dual themes of "world endings" and "time travel" is now available. Titled Time Enough for the World to End, it can be obtained from the Viva Djinn (Horde) Publishing website or, as a Kindle ebook from Amazon.

From the back cover: "How many ways could civilisation, mankind or even the whole world come to an end? Is time travel something that can be controlled? But what if time travel controls you? Here are eighteen short stories from the author of Time Portals of Norwich and Splinters that seek to explore both themes, some with humour, others nightmarishly horrifying. Some stories manage to combine both themes."

5 Feb, 20212021 SciFi Anthology: The Science Fiction Novelists 
2021 SciFi Anthology: The Science Fiction Novelists

Three of my short stories can be found in this new Science Fiction anthology which is available from Amazon (paperback / e-book) or as an e-book only from Smashwords and Barnes & Noble.

3 Oct, 2020Splinters 

My science fiction novel Splinters is also now available for purchase via the Viva Djinn (Horde) Publishing website. For those wishing to read the Kindle ebook version please visit Amazon.

1 Oct, 2020Time Portals of Norwich 
Time Portals of Norwich

My Norwich-based novel is now available for purchase via the Viva Djinn (Horde) Publishing website. For those wishing to read the Kindle ebook version please visit Amazon.

10 Jun, 2020Wisdom of the Ancients hits Wattpad No 1 Science Fiction spot 
Wisdom of the Ancients hits Wattpad No 1 Science Fiction spot

A story I uploaded onto Wattpad around 18 months ago in response to a competition in conjuction with National Geographic (where it reached the top 10 submissions) has, for the past 4 weeks, been in the #1 position on Wattpad's Science Fiction category - I have absolutely no idea why!

You can read that, and all my other stories uploaded on Wattpad here.

26 May, 2019Sudoku Assistant upgrade 

I have finally updated Sudoku Assistant from an ancient Java applet that most web browsers apart from Internet Explorer would no longer run. It is now written in JavaScript and runs on all modern web browsers, including Internet Explorer 11. Along with the rewrite it's been enhanced in a few ways as well as having some of the redundant tick box settings removed (these are now permanently enabled). You can find it by clicking here.

16 Aug, 2018Splinters - a science fiction disaster story 
Splinters - a science fiction disaster story

After a recent Redwell Writers meeting where guest Simon K Jones came along to tell us all about serialised publishing, I'm attempting to do exactly that for my science fiction novel Splinters.

25 Nov, 2016Toads Site Update 
Toads Site Update

With the 40th anniversary of being celebrated by Punk In The East and the release of various old Toads tracks by Detour Records on their Bored Teenagers label, the Toads web site has had a number of new additions including updated information and some downloadable copies of various fanzines from 1977.

30 Oct, 2016Knitters and Stitchers 
Knitters and Stitchers

The original Norfolk Knitters and Stitchers web site has now been joined by the new overarching Knitters and Stitchers site along with dedicated sites for Suffolk and Essex.

9 Oct, 2016Yet Another Summer's Revamp 
Yet Another Summer's Revamp

The Summer Garden Buildings web site has had another makeover. More mobile friendly and "picture centric" it has already given sales a boost over the last few months of the year.

26 Jul, 2016Federation-Norfolk Updated 
Federation-Norfolk Updated

The Federation of Norfolk Archaeological and Historical Societies web site has now left its home on Poppyland and gained a new look along with its new domain name.

16 Apr, 2016Redwell Makeover 
Redwell Makeover

The Redwell Writers web site has had a makeover to celebrate the publication of three new books this year. Go to the publications page for more information.

22 Aug, 2014Revamp for Norfolk Knitters 
Revamp for Norfolk Knitters

Norfolk Knitters is now Norfolk Knitters and Stitchers and they celebrate by having a makeover!

19 Jan, 2014UK Computer Magazines updated 
UK Computer Magazines updated

My article on UK Computer Magazines from the 1970s onwards has had a spring clean!

6 Jan, 2013Summer Garden Buildings 
Summer Garden Buildings

The Summer Garden Buildings web site makeover finally went live a few days ago. So far, everything is running quite smoothly though there are a few things that inevitably need tweaking!

28 Nov, 2012This Is Cromer 
This Is Cromer

The new version of the This is Cromer web site is now live along with the Cromer app for both iOS and Android.

11 Jul, 2012Song links are now back! 

The links to the mp3 song downloads are now back on this page.

8 Jul, 2012Site Rebuilt 

After several years of threatening to do this I have finally rebuilt this whole site using the 'module' code in use on many of my other sites. Several older items have been permanently retired and there are other sections that have yet to be reinstated (such as the photos) but those will be added back in as I get around to them. Please note that the site no longer supports any version of IE older than IE8, so if you are still using IE7 or IE6 then for goodness sake upgrade your web browser ASAP!

20 Jun, 2012Forum Poster Presentations 

A very interesting time at the Forum in Norwich this afternoon. Great to see Gina win an award and I learnt all about Lahars from Melanie Froude.

27 May, 2012Cookie Law 

Added code to this site to comply with the Cookie Law and have started going through all the other sites I've built adding this in for them as well... long job!

24 May, 2012Ivy Farm Holiday Park 
Ivy Farm Holiday Park

The new version of the web site for Ivy Farm Holiday Park at Overstrand on the picturesque Norfolk coast is now live.

25 Feb, 2012Norfolk Knitters 
Norfolk Knitters

A new web site for the rapidly growing Norfolk Knitters is now up and running!

9 Sep, 2011Stookey Blue 
Stookey Blue

The Stookey Blue site is now live.

10 Jan, 2011Seaward Safety 

A web based CMS for Seaward Safety went live today - no link as this is private site.

17 Dec, 2010Dictionary of Cromer and Overstrand History 
Dictionary of Cromer and Overstrand History

Poppyland Publishing have published the book, A Dictionary of Cromer & Overstrand History, and commissioned me to build a web site to go with it which went live today.

27 Apr, 2010Norwich Dentists Study Group 
Norwich Dentists Study Group

A new web site for the Norwich Dentists Study Group was unveiled today.